Moda - Boro
Moda - Boro

Moda - Boro

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Born out of necessity, these mended and patched-together textiles are highly collectible works of art representing an important part of Japanese History.

Using scraps of leftovers, indigo-dyed cottons, Boros celebrate the beauty of the ordinary with layers of fabrics stitched together by hand for utilitarian purposes.

100% Cotton.

Options: (Fabric will be sent as 1 piece)

Fat Quarter - Choose Quantity 1
Thin Quarter - Choose Quantity 1 - specify on checkout in notes
0.5m - Choose Quantity 2
1m - Choose Quantity 4
1.5m - Choose Quantity 6
2m - Choose Quantity 8
2.5m - Choose Quantity 10
3m - Choose Quantity 12
Other - Please contact us

A Fat Quarter is 50cm x 55cm; a Thin Quarter is 25cm x 112cm