Addi CraSy Trio Bamboo

Addi CraSy Trio Bamboo

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The latest way to knit socks...with flexible bamboo double pointed needles.

Set of 3 double-pointed knitting needles each with a short section of flexible cord in the middle, allowing it to bend.

Flexibility to knit pieces that vary in diameter and accommodate small diameter pieces easily.

By knitting in a round, the stitches are easily distributed over two needles and the third needle is used for knitting - which means only swapping the needle twice per round! 

Made from top quality slow-grown bamboo, which is warm to the touch and a pleasure to hold and knit with.

Short row heels become a breeze on these - just split your stitches into two groups, with half on each of the 2 needles.

It's also easy to work a heel flap by placing one third of the stitches on one needle while keeping the rest on the other.

Size : 2.5mm